Syringe Removal Tool

Used to remove a 1mL Syringe from a Safety Syringe Housing, this tool is loaded simply by dropping a syringe assembly into the top of the tool. Once loaded, simply press down on the top surface of the tool. This activates the tool’s finger locks and constrains the SSI housing. The motion downward drives the Rigid Needle Housing into a stop, dislodging the 1mL syringe from the housing.

This tool was designed utilizing 3D CAD technology and functional requires resemble that of a spring loaded push button. An interior block design lines the interior, promoting cavity flexibility for assorted syringe housings and flange profiles. White delrin and 300 series stainless steel materials were used to comply with clean room requirements. Subtractive manufacturing processes, including milling and laser cutting, were used to create these custom components.