About Us

This is PDFact

From Concept To Creation, We’re Here To Collaborate And Innovate. We Guarantee That You Will Find Exceptional Value In Our Innovative Custom Automation And Product Design Services.

PDFact Mission

We leverage technology and automation to bring innovative ideas to life.

Engineered With Care

Founded In 2004, PDFact Specializes In Custom Automation, Product Development, And Technology Integration. Every team member brings experience and domain expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

Dave Yaeger, founder

Dave Yaeger ~ Founder

PDFact Founder Dave Yaeger is the go-to person for custom engineering and fabrication, and custom automation equipment. He oversees and manages PDFact’s daily operations and closely collaborates with clients to develop innovative customized solutions that exceed expectations.

Since 2004, he’s developed and refined concepts into working solutions using assorted computer softwares, as well as additive and subtractive technologies. You’re likely to find him managing the logistics of design and fabrication; including assembly, debugging, testing, delivery, and installation of equipment. Under Dave’s leadership, the team at PDFact approaches every challenge with a focus on elegance and quality.

“I’m always striving forward to finish current tasks, set new goals, and seek new knowledge to better my practices.”


Joe Rogers

Joe Rogers

Joe Rogers joined PDFact in 2014 after earning a degree in Computer Aided Product Design. He’s developed a breadth of knowledge and experience including detailing parts for assembly and manufacture, creating models for new prototypes and drawing patents in Adobe Illustrator.

Joe focuses mostly on patent drawing, skillfully combining attention to detail, creativity and technical knowledge. Using new methods and devices increase Joe’s ability to help solve problems whether he’s working on a product with medical applications, a GUI for a website, or a new manufacturing process.

”Learning to spot and correct mistakes before they become a problem downstream is such a valuable skill. I think it makes me a much better, more thorough designer.”



Don Palmer

Don Palmer

After working as a product designer and drafter, Don Palmer joined PDFact in 2013. He supports the product design process with expertise in patent drawings and has worked with PDFact clients ranging from corporate law firms to startups looking to scale.

Design concepts like custom motorcycle and automobile accessories, toothbrushes, and even nuclear waste containers have crossed Don’s desk. His knowledge of foreign and domestic patent filing helps customers make the best decisions for patent applications.

“Outside work, I tend to spend my time as far away from technology as possible, opting for long days at high altitudes with beautiful mountain views. I can’t think of a better way to ride the knife-edge of work-life balance.”



James Kellstrom

James Kellstrom

Since 2016, Jim Kellstrom has led the production of machined components and attendant assembly work for PDFact. Jim thrives on innovation and applies his expertise in machine tool technology to create, problem solve, and meet design criteria to support various fabrication services.

Jim’s traditional education integrated with years of practical experience empowers his milling, turning, and grinding capabilities. Programming in Gibbs Cam, Jim uses CNC to bring milling and turning projects to precise and timely completion.

“I’m glad to say that most of the work accomplished at PDFact is beneficial on a human level. We service several medical and special needs companies.”