1mL Syringe Detrayer

The 1mL Syringe Detrayer is a manual piece of equipment, used to quickly transfer 1mL Syringes from a 20up Rondo Tray to a custom 20up holder. Start by placing a loaded Rondo Tray onto the Detrayer in the correct orientation. Swipe the handle fully to the right and return to home position, similar to an old school credit card machine. During this motion, a wheel follower follows a cam track and forces the Rondo Tray to deflect. This dislodges each syringe and channels them to a specific home on the custom 20up holder. This loaded holder can then be retrieved from the side of the detrayer tool.

This tool design process utilized 3D CAD technologies, ensuring function and flexibility prior to production. Subtractive manufacturing processes, including milling and laser cutting, were used to create these custom components. Black delrin, anodized 6061 Aluminum, and 300 series stainless materials were used to comply with clean room requirements.