Custom Automation SSI Syringe Press

This 18up Syringe Assembly Press is semi-automated equipment and has been designed to assemble 1mL Syringes into a Safety Syringe Housings. It can assemble 1 to 18 units per cycle. Operation requirements are 110V, an 80psi air supply, and proper device loading. To ensure devices are loaded correctly, Keyence location sensors have been implemented to indicate acceptable device location. Banner touch switches and Siemens PLC ensure safe and repeatable operation.

A Puck design is used to match the device packaging, promote easy handling/transfer, and provide intuitive press alignment features to ensure proper loading. A Skewer and Comb tool was created for batch loading, speeding up the transfer process.

** Holding Trays for assembled syringes

** Setup Tools to calibrate and test equipment.

This equipment design process utilized 3D CAD technologies, ensuring function and design flexibility prior to production. Manufacturing processes, including milling, laser cuttings, and forming, were used to create this custom piece of equipment. Black delrin, anodized 6061 Aluminum, and 300 series stainless materials were used to comply with process and end user requirements.