Custom Automation Solutions

Automation Engineered To Your Needs

PDFact specializes in customized fully or semi-automated solutions.

  • Improve and accelerate your enterprise systems.
  • Increase the quality of your production
  • Gain more extensive yields
  • Increase productivity and uptime
  • Decrease long-term manufacturing costs

Assembly Equipment: Semi-Automated Or ManualAssembly Equipment: Semi-Automated Or Manual

From office automation to industrial automation, PDFact has experience and expertise in assembly equipment implementation. Automated equipment can be partially human-operated, automated with supervision, or fully automated.

If you need independent or integrated automation solutions or automated production equipment, PDFact can help you get started.

  • Consistently produce high-quality parts and/or products
  • Reduce production time
  • Efficiently create products and parts at scale
  • Integrate technology to increase precision and volume




Syringe Removal ToolDisassembly Equipment: Destructive And Non-Destructive

Examine materials, components, and products that need improvement within your system to detect and evaluate flaws. Materials, products, or equipment that fail to achieve design requirements need repair or early replacement, and defects can cause system failure or unsafe conditions.

PDFact will implement systems and techniques to monitor and maintain the integrity of your product conception and product design definition.

  • Improve product reliability
  • Determine acceptance to given requirements
  • Ascertain information or repair criteria


Vision Systems: Stand-Alone Or Bench Top ModelsVision Systems: Stand-Alone Or Bench Top Models

Vision Systems provide data and digital imagery using software pre-programmed to perform specific functions. Under pre-programmed conditions, you can achieve consistent evaluation of your products and processes to lower production and manufacturing costs.

Custom-tailored vision systems can be designed, programmed and rapidly deployed to meet the specifications of your unique environment. PDFact will integrate vision systems into your technology and network to improve your automated assembly equipment, verifications and inspections.

  • 100% inspection of products or parts
  • Improve production yields and reduce defect rates
  • Increase quality and consistency
  • Facilitate compliance to industry or product class regulations


Equipment Customization & Equipment Safety GuardingEquipment Customization & Equipment Safety Guarding

You may be facing specific equipment challenges that, if resolved, would increase safety in your environment, reduce production costs, and improve workflow and throughput.  PDFact will leverage 16 years of experience and knowledge from our multi-disciplinary team to devise a plan to customize and optimize your equipment.

  • Seamless integrations and solutions for your operations and processes
  • Customized solutions to automate processes
  • Improve equipment performance with tailored modification
  • Meet safety standards


Instron Adapters, Zwick Adapters & ModificationsInstron Adapters, Zwick Adapters & Modifications

We use Instron and Zwick adapters to help our clients accomplish specific tasks, including equipment testing and modifications. Instron or Zwick adapters are small enough to fit onto your equipment without compromising your process. These adapters can also help you extract data that informs safety, testing, and process improvement.

  • Implement test equipment automation
  • Efficiently gather and analyze data
  • Modify and adapt existing equipment

We provide superior quality, continuous innovation, and total dedication to your needs, guaranteed.